Hello my dears

Today post is about Geneva a clean and nice city in Switzerland, (the second most populous city in Switzerland).
Geneva is the city that hosts the highest number of international organisations in the world so you can just imagine that this is a very safe place 😉
I had the great opportunity to visit the city during the summer and the weather was great.
If you want to visit this city you have to know that they have a good public transport and people speak english and french 😉
You can also try the local food especially the cheese fondue and the local beer and of course the famous chocolate.
The old and the new blend perfectly in this city.
You can enjoy the port and see the Jet D’éau, Patek Philippe Museum, Place Bourg du Four and many other interest point you just have to choose your own itinerary and discover this magnificent city.
One more tip for you the tap water has a perfect taste so drink it with no worries.Here are some of the pics I took. Enjoy.




IMG_2899 IMG_2907 IMG_2925 IMG_2960 IMG_2972 IMG_3087 IMG_2935





Meet the wild nature in Nairobi


Hello my dears as you already know I travel a lot lately so I wanna share with you the latest places where I have been.
Nairobi is the wonderful capital wonderful of Kenya with more than 3,375,000 population.
Even if the political situation is not so good these days you can still visit and enjoy the city, the food, the people.
You will land at the Jomo Kenyatta International airport, located 15 kms out of the centre of town and the local time is UTC +3, the weather is great and during this months is around 17-25 grade Celsius.
My “trip” was relatively short but I still manage to visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust orphanage for elephants, where they save, rescue and rehabilitate the elephants ( and the Giraffe Center (
I may say I am lucky that I had the chance to see this amazing animals so close, free in the nature, the locals made a good job by taking good care of them.
The nature in Kenya is close to the people and they appreciate this gift by taking care of it.
So my journey began at 9 o’clock in the morning when the driver took me from the hotel and he began the tour with me, we grab a coffee on the way and we went to see the animals.You can see by the pictures I had a lot of fun and I enjoyed this very much.The tour was 100 US dollars and it worth every penny.
Enjoy the pics and let me know if you wanna visit Nairobi I will give you some good tips .

802074.TIF IMG_4512 IMG_4513 IMG_4514 IMG_4518IMG_4471 IMG_4480 IMG_4498IMG_4515 IMG_4476 IMG_4520 IMG_4529 IMG_4531 IMG_4536 IMG_4600

Welcome to Kuala Lmpur

Hey you, my dears readers I know I dont post often but I have a crazy schedule lately with my new job …
I am not complaining because I get to se wonderful places and meet new and amazing people.
So.. for today come with me in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia a incredible town with nice and warm people (AND YES U CAN MAKE FRIENDS EVEN IF YOU ARE MILES AWAY FROM HOME) and with the amazing Petronas Towers.
Kuala Lumpur is the federal capital and most populous city in Malaysia The city covers an area of 243 km2 (94 sq mi) and has an estimated population of 1.6 million of people.
The major tourist destinations in Kuala Lumpur include the Merdeka Square, the House of Parliament, the Petaling Street, the National Palace (Istana Negara), the Kuala Lumpur Tower, the National Museum, the Central Market, the National Monument,and religious sites such as the Jamek Mosque and Batu Caves.
So let me introduce you to this beautiful place with the best mango fruits and great sea food.
For me to discover places like this is a blessing.
Take a look and tell me if you like it too.

IMG_4417 IMG_4431 IMG_4434 IMG_4436 IMG_4440 IMG_4441 IMG_4447 IMG_4449IMG_4455 IMG_4453 IMG_4457 IMG_1519[1] IMG_1528[1] IMG_1476[1]IMG_1483[1]IMG_1480[1]

And the adventure began…

Hello my dearest friends, I know I was MIA lately but my life has change completly …my new job is amazing but I am still adapting.. so how are you, what is new in your life ?
My life in the Middle East is a adventure day by day I learn new things, make new friends and discover new places, foods and drinks.
I travel a lot so from now on you will see throught my eyes new places, so keep in touch.
Here are some pictures with my new home ..

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Hello my dears I received a very nice email from Valerie (thank you, by the way for this collaboration) and she is asking me to share this nice post with you and I thought this is really helpfull for the boys in our life because Leo has a great style :).

So if you like this kind of post let me know and I will “steal” some other celebrities looks for you.



Leonardo DiCaprio has been around the acting game since he was just a little guy. He is no longer little and has grown into a successful, well respected, and very fashionable man. When he arrived at the 2014 Golden Globe awards wearing a sleek, classic tuxedo, Leo proved to the world once again that he’s a man who knows how to dress. Not flashy but not overly conservative, either, Leo tends toward the simple yet classic look. He is unafraid to subtly mix things up when the occasion calls for it and is always catching people’s eye no matter the event.

So as you’re trying to freshen your look, why not steal his style?


DiCaprio played Dominick Cobb, protagonist of Christopher Nolan’s labyrinthine cyberpunk thriller Inception, with his trademark quiet intensity. Costar Joseph Gordon-Levitt may be the flashier fashion plate, but DiCaprio’s Cobb knows what he’s doing, too. Throw on some denim pants and layer a sport coat over a patterned dress shirt and you too can look dapper as you’re plunged into a world of corporate intrigue and dream theft.


As he demonstrated at the premiere of his 2007 environmental documentary The 11th Hour, there’s more than one way to look good in a suit. Leave the tie in the closet and the top button of your dress shirt undone. Pair both of those with a solid black sport coat for an air of casual sophistication, a look DiCaprio often favors for industry events.



Award shows are Leo’s true standout moments. Leo knows the value of a good pattern, as evidenced by the outfit he wore to the 2012 AFI awards. Combine a solid-color dress shirt and slacks with a windowpane blazer and you can look as effortlessly stylish as him.

Although celebrities can get their hands on the trendiest and most flattering styles more easily than the average person, it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t do the same. Don’t be afraid to be bold and different when it comes to your wardrobe. Remember: you’re all capable of stealing his style.

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New year, new life…and Happy bday my dear blog :)


Hello my lovely friends I was so absent lately because on the 27 th december I broke my right hand and I take some time of blogging…But I am back and I have a lot of news for you.

First of all my blog has 2 years (Happy Birthday 😉 ) so I am very happy because this project of mine is working and I made a lot of new friends.
I am preparing for a life change oportunity and I am moving in another country where I will have a great job, I will let you know because I will keep on blogging and I will show you a lot of pictures.
So my resolution for this year will be to make my blog better, to be closer to my loved ones and to travel more …and I want to say thanks to a special friend of mine because he was close to me, so thank u 🙂 you know u have a special place in my heart…

I am glad to be back with you guys.
Kisses and hugs.

Yes!we have lights ;)

Hello my dears, I hope you are enjoying this time of the year, I know I am 😉
I personally love Christmas and I love the festive atmosphere, the aroma of mulled wine with cinnamon, the smell of the christmas tree and the lights that have adorned the city.
Because the lights where light up on december 6 th, in Bucharest and the streets were invaded with a lot of people I expected a quiet time to take a walk and took some photos.
So the last night walk helped me caught a little of the atmosphere that surrounds the city.
Enjoy the pics .

IMG_20131211_095627DSC_0415DSC_0419DSC_0426DSC_0440DSC_0441 DSC_0435 DSC_0446 DSC_0449 DSC_0450 DSC_0454DSC_0443

DSC_0431IMG_20131211_104316photo 1

Ohh Saint Nicholas…

Hello my dears as you already know (if you don’t I’ll tell you.. 🙂 ) we have a very nice tradition in this special time of the year..
What’s this? Well, in the night of 5th to 6 th December we are waiting for Saint Nicholas who brings to good and obedient children (and not only) gifts and sweets and for the bad ones a hazel twig.
But we have to do some work to receive the gifts 🙂 we have to polish our shoes, boots and any shoe we have and place them nicely next to door.
What he brought to me? well in the first place lot of love, a good health, candy and a beauty bag, so me happy .
And so this is how it begins a magical season for us, the magic season of the winter.
I kiss you and I hope Saint Nicholas came to you too.

images (2) st-nicholas-boots

When in doubt …wear a sweater

Hello my dear readers today I want to tell a very nice story about clothes and style.
As you all know the winter is coming :))) and the bad weather also so we need warm and nice and comfy clothes.

We are approaching the winter holidays and I want to offer you a few outfits that can take out from the crowd.
The sweater is one of the most versatile clothing items and we can use it both daytime wear or for evening.
My favorite fashion icon Miroslava Duma mix sweater in bold and inspirational outfits.

For a touch of glam I recomand you to choos the new it trend “the lingerie dress”and mix it up with a oversizes cardigan made from cashimir or wool.And remember the natural fabrics are the best choice.

You like wearing sweater?

How do you wear it?


md4mdmd1md2md3Photos from

as as1 as2 as3

You can peek on where you can find interesting pieces and do not spared Zara or H & M and the rest of the stores more affordible ;).

sk sk1 zr zr1 zr2 zr3 zr4 zr5 zr6 zr7 zr8 zr9 zr10




THE Bedroom

Hello my lovely friends, today I will show you what I want for Christmas..
You all know the song “All I want for Christmas” well all I want is …drums please “a white bedroom” with a king size bed and fluffy fabrics on my feet.
So I search the internet and I find some inspirational pictures and some great
ideas to style up a bedroom.
So here they are:


How is your bedroom ?Colourfull or just with basic colours?
Let me know if you have good tips for me.

You can find great pieces on Mobexpert, Ikea, Elvila, Staer and other furniture stores ..


Photos from :,