Whether we like it or not the cold weather arrived so along with rain coats and umbrellas we need an accessory to take us out from the crowd.
I choose the gloves not only for their functionality but also because they are very fashionable items this season.
So wear short gloves or long gloves, there is no middle way in this seson 🙂
If you want to wear short glove choose those from leather in strong colors will help you to complete the outfit.
For special evenings or for party choose the long ones with details from lace, targets, or crystals and sure you will not go unnoticed.
To give a touch of originality to day outfits choose the gloves with animal print, they will not go out of style anytime soon and so you will give a modern touch to a classic camel coat and a black trench coat or a matlastate jacket.
Mittens gloves keep warm best even if they are not the most trendy you can use them with confidence in cold days.
This is what you can find in stores (H & M, Meli Melo, Zara, Accessories, etc)
What gloves do you prefer..?