If you have long hair like me is not always easy to style it up, here are some ideas of how to have a perfect hairstyle in trend.
First is one of my favorite here comes the well known pony tail, this season it was all about concise, perfectly pulled-back looks.
Hair was prepped with styling serums to prevent frizz and add shine, then flat-ironed into sleek curtains.To secure the base use simple elastics but carefully concealed with a few loose strands.
Fine hair (finally) has its heyday because the low volume hair style inspired by the street style,so if you have fine hair now you don’t have to worry anymore for volume, just dry your hair up side down and use o good foam for volume and you are ready:)
Let’s twist again …a fresh new direction you can twist a few strands or all of your hair back, in both cases you have a stylish look.
The braids are in the top of the choices of many of us so try any from the the fish tail to Russian braids, that will take off yourself from the crowd.
Don’t worry if you love the hair with volume now you can try out a 60’s hair style with bouffant hair.
Stylists whipped out teasing combs and cans of hairspray to sculpt this retro-fab updo. To lend a current feel, hair was rolled and tucked under for extra dimension, and the most youthful examples were framed by a simple band or sparkly ribbon or another hot accessory.