IMG_2003IMG_1992IMG_2001IMG_1990Hy guys today I had the chance to test out some producs from Herbalife (special thanks to my friend Carmen for this surprise) and I want to share my experience with you.

First of all I want to say that the Herbalife team is nice and they welcomed us warmly and friendly.
Second of all I love the smell of these products, which is subtle and long-lasting on the skin, I don’t like perfume in my face cream and I don’t think it’s necessary anyway.I like the texture of the creams that enter quickly and leaves no greasy traces but a protective film that resists (for hand and body cream) even after you’ve washed your hands.

Benefits of aloe vera I think that everybody already know quite a lot so all I can say is to try with confidence, and I am sure you can find your favorite products.
I’ve found it;)
Is the Radiant C spray face that refresh your face anywhere and anytime.
Definitely I am going to buy the multivitamin mask and the eye cream …
So keep close so you can see the changes.
So far I have a shinny healthy look(without any make up) next we will see tomorow.