From neutral nail color to new technology, check out what’s hot in nails for 2013 🙂

Pastel nails are one of my fav this seson so u can try it because is simple and nice and it takes only few minutes to make your nails look like a candy shop…

omb5nails 1 nails2 nails3

Green is the colour of 2013 and the nail polish follows the trend so if you don’t have one yet go and buy one because this colour  looks great on nails.

Green, three ways

  • Emerald — When emerald was named Pantone Color of the Year for 2013, we knew this rich hue would find its way into the beauty scene and it has. Many of your favorite nail lacquer brands will release emerald-y shades in 2013.
  • Mint — Mint green has been popular in spring for the last two years, and we’ll see more of the same in 2013. If you like pale shades of polish but want something a little different than girly pinks, then mint might be the answer for you.
  • Accents — Bold color combinations are going to be on-trend all year. One of our favorites is jet black nails accented with brilliant green designs.

green green2 green3 green5green8green7green6green4

Magnetic nail color hit the scene in 2012 and will be going strong in the new year. You can achieve a cool 3D look in an instant with magnetic nail color. You simply apply the lacquer and then hold the included magnet over each nail while the polish is wet. Add a top coat and voila! — shiny, 3D nails you’ll love.

mag2mag 1

Stud nails are my fav but they are not so easy to do..but they look fabulous 🙂 don’t you think?

stud 1 stud3 stud4 stud5

What is your fav nail trend?