Romania is on the 11th place in the world ranking of wine producers according  the International Organization of Wine, so some knowledge in this field we should have, don’t you think so?
Carturesti Verona is hosting a nice event in this field – The wine school.

Last night we attended to the first lesson and because everyone loves wine, whether is red, white, dry or sweet, we should be able to choose from the big sortiment from the shelf…or not?

How do we know what we like?

At these questions and at many more answered us Radu Rizea (Big Radu) a connoisseur of wine.

Among other things I learned that it is important to hold the glass properly, to  have a special glass for wine, the temperature of the wine it should be between  11-12 Celsius degrees and many other interesting details.

The evening was beautiful with a pleasant atmosphere and the wine was red, dry and good, except the last one :))

Enjoy the photos and if you want to participate you can find more details on