Exfoliation is essential for skin health and most people can benefit from this method.During the regeneration of the skin occurs a migration of cells towards the surface, these cells, early young age slowly and reach the skin surface to form a layer of dead cells that are constantly flaking, they must be removed from the derm because the skin has to breathe.

What does exfoliation?

  • emphasizes natural skin color and its brightness.
  • clean pores
  • allow the skin to breathe better
  • permits the creams, lotions, oils and serums to penetrate better into the skin
  • improves skin texture and softens
  • stimulates all the functions of the skin and improves circulation

And because summer is already here 😉 we should care more about our skin
Here are some good products that can help you to have a brighter, healthy and glowing skin..

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I am ussing now the Bottega Verde scrub (last picture) and it has small particules of salt that leaves your skin soft and nice, and because it has jojoba oil in it the skin is also very hydrated :).

U should try it 😉