Hy, I missed you guys… but lately my time is so “short” and I didn’t have time for my lovely blog but now  I am back and I want to show you some products I used and I can proudly say I finish them all :))
For my face I used for the past 4 month Paula’s Choice – Resist- moisturiser
(Anti-agin Clear Skyn Hydrator) and this is the best thing I put on my face :))
It realy does what he says so from me a big 10 for this product.
Balea is a DM product I used it to wash my face in the morning and it is good if you shop on a budget it doesen’t dry my skyn but this is the only good thing about it, except the price of course.
For my hair I used Apivita shampoo and I am loving it because it has a demential smell and leaves my hair shinny, silky and smooth so yes I will buy it again.
The Garnier conditioner is good..this is the only thing I can say about it because I haven’t saw any major improvment of my hair, so I don’t think I will buy it again soon.
And now (drums please) my shower gel from Felce Azzurra, uuu that smell is so refreshing, I hope to go soon abroad to buy it again because here in Romania we don’t have this product.
And the last but not least the Supliform anticellulite gel a Romanian product that keeps my skyn smooth and also improves blood circulation on my legs.
That was all for tonigh.
Tell my what did u use recently and u love it ?