Hy guys…..

Well after a great summer here comes the autumn with her falling leafs and beautiful colour of the sky and in my opinion this is the perfect time for a tea &coffee festival 🙂

At Dalles, downtown Bucharest, on the 18th-20 th weekend it took place a very nice festival with lots of tea, coffee, sweets and spices and good mood.
I have tasted a great coffee from Ethiopia and Columbia and I fell in love once again with the scent and the taste of the coffee.

I also found out that the most expensive coffee in the world is Kopi Luvak and is produced in Indonesia (100 grams is almost 100 euros), but it has a special taste so… maybe it worth it if u have money to spent :))
I leave you to enjoy the photos.

Do you like coffee/tea?

See u next time.

Kisses 🙂

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