From all the fall trends I like the most this mid century style with clean cuts and gorgeous fabrics.

I like it because is a easy style to wear and mix, and it is perfect for office or a night out on the restaurant

You can find pieces at affordable prices on H&M, Asos, Mango and Zara or u can take a pick in ur mother’s wardrobe and “steal” her skirts, I am sure she has pieces you can wear 😉
The clean cut serves a lot of body types so this is the perfect time to try this lady like look.
You can let yourself inspired by designers like Christian Dior, Miu Miu, Lanvin, etc.
Be inspire and create great outfits.
See you next time.

1 ch lanvin ninaas as1 as2 as3

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zara zara2 zara3

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Photos from :http://www.style.com/trendsshopping/trendreport/040413_Trend_Report/