Hello my dears as you already know (if you don’t I’ll tell you.. 🙂 ) we have a very nice tradition in this special time of the year..
What’s this? Well, in the night of 5th to 6 th December we are waiting for Saint Nicholas who brings to good and obedient children (and not only) gifts and sweets and for the bad ones a hazel twig.
But we have to do some work to receive the gifts 🙂 we have to polish our shoes, boots and any shoe we have and place them nicely next to door.
What he brought to me? well in the first place lot of love, a good health, candy and a beauty bag, so me happy .
And so this is how it begins a magical season for us, the magic season of the winter.
I kiss you and I hope Saint Nicholas came to you too.

images (2) st-nicholas-boots