Hello my dears I received a very nice email from Valerie (thank you, by the way for this collaboration) and she is asking me to share this nice post with you and I thought this is really helpfull for the boys in our life because Leo has a great style :).

So if you like this kind of post let me know and I will “steal” some other celebrities looks for you.



Leonardo DiCaprio has been around the acting game since he was just a little guy. He is no longer little and has grown into a successful, well respected, and very fashionable man. When he arrived at the 2014 Golden Globe awards wearing a sleek, classic tuxedo, Leo proved to the world once again that he’s a man who knows how to dress. Not flashy but not overly conservative, either, Leo tends toward the simple yet classic look. He is unafraid to subtly mix things up when the occasion calls for it and is always catching people’s eye no matter the event.

So as you’re trying to freshen your look, why not steal his style?


DiCaprio played Dominick Cobb, protagonist of Christopher Nolan’s labyrinthine cyberpunk thriller Inception, with his trademark quiet intensity. Costar Joseph Gordon-Levitt may be the flashier fashion plate, but DiCaprio’s Cobb knows what he’s doing, too. Throw on some denim pants and layer a sport coat over a patterned dress shirt and you too can look dapper as you’re plunged into a world of corporate intrigue and dream theft.


As he demonstrated at the premiere of his 2007 environmental documentary The 11th Hour, there’s more than one way to look good in a suit. Leave the tie in the closet and the top button of your dress shirt undone. Pair both of those with a solid black sport coat for an air of casual sophistication, a look DiCaprio often favors for industry events.



Award shows are Leo’s true standout moments. Leo knows the value of a good pattern, as evidenced by the outfit he wore to the 2012 AFI awards. Combine a solid-color dress shirt and slacks with a windowpane blazer and you can look as effortlessly stylish as him.

Although celebrities can get their hands on the trendiest and most flattering styles more easily than the average person, it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t do the same. Don’t be afraid to be bold and different when it comes to your wardrobe. Remember: you’re all capable of stealing his style.

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